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Do Italians eat pasta every day?

24-10-2021 19:57:00


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pasta fusilli

Pasta is the symbol of Italy, but the use of this product is not as high as you may think.




Is pasta our favourite food?




Pasta is one of the most-known Italian dishes, as well as source of national pride. It is very easy to make, if you decide to prepare it on your own; it is also a complete main course that you can guarnish in many different ways, from meat, to fish, and vegetables. 

Since it has a simple preparation, it is tasty, and nice to see: is it true that Italians cannot renounce it?

pasta fresca fatta a mano

The answer to this question is not that easy, for we have to consider many aspects. 

Broadly speaking, the most frequent use of past has been recorded in southern Italy, especially in small towns and villages. The bigger the cities, the lower the use of this product, because of many other foods that have entered the market. Northern regions have always been more developed and industialized than southern ones, which means that lunch time (in most of the cases) leaves room for a sandwich or a fast meal; therefore, there is no time for pasta.

In other words, pasta has become synonymous with tradition: if you live in a place, or a family, with strong traditions, then you will probably experience the thrill of eating pasta every day. 

Even though it is a healthy food, young people are the first ones who are reducing the weekly intake, since they do not want to assimilate too many carbohydrates. The people of the new generation are becoming more and more aware of what to eat and how to take care of their bodies, probably because of good nutrition education programs in schools. 

To sum up, Italy remains the country with the highest usage of pasta, but on average people cook this delicious and fragrant meal three times per week, giving space to vegetables, fish, meat and fruit. 


How about you? How many times per week do you eat pasta?  

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