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Different people, different perception channels

11-10-2021 20:15:00


Languages, learning styles, learning methods, cognitive process, learning process, perception channels, visual learner, auditory learner, kinesthetic learner, social learner,

perception channels

Each one of us uses a different method to learn, according to his or her favourite perception channel.




What is your favourite way to learn?



Years ago, people believed in the existence of a single learning method, as well as they were convinced that each person had to learn notions in the same way. 

Hopefully, studies on cognitive process brought to light that every person has specific needs and predominant perception channels.   

But what are these channels?

As the word says, they are the means through which we learn. We can have one or more dominant channels, there is no rule for that! But once we understand what is ours, it is possible to learn faster and more efficiently. 

If you feel comfortable with diagrams, concept maps, photographies and colours (you like to circle or underline words with a highlighter), then you are a visual learner.For you it is not important the text itself, but what you can easily capture with your eyes to make that text easier.  This category is the most common and includes the 65% of students.

You are an auditory learner if you remember notions just by hearing them. You are probably more interested in listening to music or attending lectures without taking notes.For these people, the voice pitch of the speaker is a significant element.


Last but not the least, here we have kinesthetic learners. These lovely people learn faster with a physical approach. They need to touch objects, to be involed in group projects, or even to use gestures to memorize new information. If you think to be too theatrical, when you study or repeat concepts, then you belong to this category.


This tripartition is the most-known. But, as cognitive studies developed, other learning styles were added. For instance, Professor Neil Fleming added a fourth voice to the previous ones: social learning

Social learners are all those people who learn just by observing the others. It is a common process that includes almost all of us, since we live in a social context. If someone gets punished, all the other students will learn that doing a bad action leads to a consequence.


And you, what kind of learning style are you mainly using? 

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