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©​ 2021 Marco Nicoletti​ P. IVA: 01398460772

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Italiano with Marco - 2021 

P. IVA 01398460772 

About me

My name is Marco Nicoletti, founder of italianowithmarco and The RO.M.A. Method.

I teach Italian to language enthusiasts through practical strategies, like notion reiteration and empathic listening.



When I was a child, I thought I would have become an explorer.

I wanted the others to see me as a culture and language discoverer, since that was, and still is, my true inclination. 



I spend most of my time communicating with people of all nationalities: I teach them the Italian language and culture, while they give me other very precious information.



My life is a never-ending journey!


Today I'm here to help you with your Italian and

guide you towards linguistic fluency in 6 months.

My mission is to make you aware of your linguistic potential and your learning abilities.

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